• Offering training and programs grounded in practical wisdom and fierce compassion, Awakening Life challenges and supports the human pursuit of what matters most.

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About Us

Our purpose as an organization is to provide a home where great works that develop deeper compassion, wisdom and action can – and will – make their way into our world.

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Your gifts make a difference. Your generosity matters.

Our Offerings

The key to making this work truly impactful and sustainable is to make it intensely personal and relevant for each individual, group and organization.

Core Principles

Practical and Experiential

All of our work has, at its core, the commitment to be able to translate the learning into life practice.  This requires that the work itself be experiential.  We don’t do seminars or online programs.  The teaching and theoretical get tried out and embodied with participatory practice.

Invitational, Safe and Challenging

Everyone we work with chooses to be there.  Every offering is structured around the creation of an environment of trust and safety.  We use tools and experiences that provide a healthy challenge to our previously accepted comfort zones and perceived limitations, and follow challenge with support.

Acceptance of Self, Willingness to Change

We believe wholeheartedly in the wisdom that says we can’t grow until we can find acceptance and compassion for who we are.  Now.  And, that it takes willingness to change in order to grow.


It’s important to us that a broad range of people can find their way into the work of self-discovery, greater life enjoyment and expanded purpose.  Most of our programs are structured in ways that allow access for people with limited financial means.

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